Yearly home Maintenance Tips

Yearly Home Maintenance Tips

As a homeowner, it's important to stay on top of home maintenance tasks in order to keep your property in good condition and avoid costly repairs down the line. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a yearly home maintenance schedule. Here's a guide to help you get started.


  1. Clean gutters and downspouts: Remove debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent clogging and ensure proper water flow.

  2. Inspect roof: Check for damage, missing or loose shingles, and any other signs of wear and tear. Hire a professional if necessary.

  3. Check windows and doors: Look for gaps and cracks in seals, repair or replace weatherstripping if needed.

  4. Service your HVAC system: Schedule an annual check-up for your heating and cooling system to ensure it's running efficiently.

  5. Check exterior paint and siding: Look for any signs of peeling, cracking, or chipping. Schedule a fresh coat of paint or repair as needed.


  1. Inspect your deck or patio: Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose boards, and perform any necessary repairs.

  2. Trim trees and shrubs: Keep trees and shrubs trimmed away from the house to prevent damage to the siding or roof.

  3. Clean and repair outdoor furniture: Clean outdoor furniture and repair any damage to extend its lifespan.

  4. Check for pests: Look for signs of pests such as termites or rodents and take necessary measures to prevent infestations.


  1. Clean gutters and downspouts: Repeat this task to remove fallen leaves and prepare for winter.

  2. Inspect chimney and fireplace: Hire a professional to inspect your chimney and fireplace for any damage or buildup.

  3. Check insulation: Ensure proper insulation in the attic and walls to keep heat inside during the winter.

  4. Prepare pipes for winter: Drain outdoor hoses and turn off water to outdoor faucets to prevent freezing and bursting.


  1. Check for ice dams: Look for signs of ice dams forming on your roof and take measures to prevent them.

  2. Service your HVAC system: Schedule another check-up to ensure it's running efficiently during the colder months.

  3. Check for drafts: Inspect windows and doors for drafts and repair or replace weatherstripping as needed.

  4. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Make sure detectors are working properly and replace batteries if necessary.

By following this yearly home maintenance schedule, you can help prevent costly repairs and keep your property in good condition for years to come.

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