Buy in the Fall!

Fall is around the corner.  Buy a house this fall season!

Let's discuss a few reasons: 

-Viewing properties in cooler weather, and not sweating profusely in the sweltering heat.  Also less chance of mosquitoes, wasps, etc that may be hiding around the corner at a property like in a shed.

-Moving your personal property in cooler weather and not sweating in blistering heat and risk heat stroke or other related complications from overheating. 

-Potentially Less Competition as some buyers don’t want to move after the start of the school year, or move during cooler and cold months because of the chance of snow.

-Motivated Sellers:  Sellers who have their home on the market in the fall may be more motivated to close the deal before the end of the year.  Could lead to more flexible negotiations regarding price and/or terms.

-Future Planning:  If you buy a home in the fall, you'll have ample time to settle in before the holiday season. You can get a feel for the neighborhood and plan any renovations or improvements you'd like to make.

-Tax Advantages:  Potential tax advantages in the fall are possible and closing before the year end.

-Availability of Professionals:  Moving and relocation companies might have more availability during the fall, making it easier to schedule your move without as much competition for their services.

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