Tips for Making an offer on a home in Evansville Indiana

Tips for Making an offer on a home in Evansville Indiana

Megan here with the McBride Real Estate Group at Keller Williams.  Just going over the buy-side of some of the importance of writing a purchase agreement, especially in this competitive market.

First and foremost, price is going to be the biggest thing sellers look at, but it's not always the price that wins the offer.  Sometimes it's a lack of contingencies. things that must be done before your offer can be fulfilled, inspections, home warranties, taxes, and possession date, giving the seller more time in their home after you've purchased it.  The most important part is having a very clean cut concise and to the point smooth purchase agreement.  As simple as, it can be when you send it off to the

Seller, for the agent and the seller, to go over to make sure your offer is a contender to be won for the home you love.

 From the seller's perspective, whenever I’m going over an offer with a seller and sometimes if we have multiple offers sometimes not the highest offer wins.

It’s all about what the highest net to the seller, most of the time.  There sometimes are other things such as possession or no home inspections or something like that is

better for the seller, but most of the time it's where the seller's net is higher.  So, you could have a higher offer purchase price-wise, but if you're asking for a lot of money and closing costs you're asking for the seller to pay for this, and that, it will reduce what the net is to the seller.

It's very important to write as clean as possible offer to win the offer.  The seller right now wants an easy process.  They want it to be as easy as possible on them to net the most amount of money.

 It's a quick market but most importantly it's a skills market so having agents that know how to appropriately handle, read, and understand purchase agreements to make sure you get what you want, is a win-win for both sides, and that's always the buy-side and the sell side's goal.

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