Navigate New Builds in Evansville with Ease

Navigate New Builds in Evansville with Ease:  How a Buyer’s Rep Can Simplify Your New Home Purchase

You have the opportunity to meet with Carol twice this week to view a beautiful new construction home in the prestigious Cambridge community in Evansville, Indiana.

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Purchasing a brand-new home can be an exciting option!  Often there can be a few more steps and decisions involved compared to buying an existing home.

While builders and their sales representatives aim to sell their product, only a REALTOR® that is representing you as your buyer's representative will be fully loyal to you and advocating for your needs and best interest. 

Here are just a few of the ways working with a REALTOR®  to be your buyer's representative will provide expert advice and guidance:

Familiar with local builders' reputations, their building materials and quality, and their designs.

Builders are not obligated to show you every new property for sale.  A buyer's representative will help you select the best possible properties meeting your search criteria and needs.

Contract Review
Guiding you through the terms, deadlines, price negotiations, potential concessions, potential incentives, and much more.

Disclosures & Warranties
Familiar with what is required and optional for property disclosures and warranties.

Guidance on which upgrades will likely improve your property's resale value, and making sure your property price doesn't exceed its appraised value.

Assisting you to arrange your own independent inspections.

Suggesting a wide range of mortgage lending resources.

Alerting you on issues that may not be addressed like title insurance, and mechanics' liens.  Also assisting you on the final-walkthrough of your property prior to the closing to finalize your purchase.

Sale of Existing Home
If you need assistance in selling your current home, you will appreciate having someone representing your interests and coordinating details on both sides of your transaction.

Source:  ABR.Realtor

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