Market of the Moment

How to Buy a Home NOW Successfully!

Regsiter Here to Watch:

Register for the best on-demand Market of the Moment webinar!  Schedule afterward and attend an in-person strategy session, and you will receive a copy of one of the most highly recommended home-buying books!

Limited to the first 5 in-person meetings! 

Powered by the McBride Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Capital Realty! 

The McBride Real Estate Group buyer specialists Megan Thomas and Carol Seiler teamed up with Mortgage Loan Officer Jacob Carter with Bank of England Mortgage to bring the webinar series Market of the Moment! 

What is the purpose?
The above link to register for the webinar is the first episode of the webinar series with many more epsidoes to come.  Our intention is to broadcast a Market of the Moment webinar each month.  The webinars will be going over the local and national housing market updates, trends, statistics, and predictions.  Also the few simple steps to get started to homeownership.  Our goal is to provide valuable, accurate real estate education to buyers to make the best decisions for them and their families to increase their personal wealth!

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