January 14th is National Organize Your Home Day

January 14th is National Organize Your Home Day

National Organize Your Home Day is an ideal chance to get your home in order and look forward to a brighter, clutter-free future.

Where to begin?

You can organize your home yourself or hire a professional home organizer.

There are professional home organizers? What do they do?

Professional organizers arrange many areas in your home like kitchen, closet, bedroom, attic, basement, garage, office, and more.  Some organizers also help you get rid of unwanted items, prep you for a move, or provide advice on how to store your belongings.  They can help prioritize and store paperwork, craft supplies, hobby materials, and more.  Some professional organizers may also offer cleaning services like deep cleaning, move-out cleaning, and general housekeeping. 

Why hire a professional home organizer?

When you feel overwhelmed, don’t have free time to organize, or when you need tips and advice.  Professionals can organize your home quicker than you can.   They have the skills to organize, declutter, and clean. 

What if I am organizing my house myself?  How do I start?

Walk through your house and start figuring out what you don’t want or need.  Have designated areas for selling, donating, throw away, and keep.  Begin in one area or tackle one room of your house at a time.

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