Are you ready to 'Rightsize'

Yes, we said "Rightsize".  

The reasons people need to change the size of their home can mean many different things.  

1. Marriages- When you get married, now you are bringing in 2 households' worth of stuff into 1 home.  Many find that the current home is too small or now they have two homes and need to sell one.

2. Divorce- Unfortunately divorces happen.  Some discover that now they don't need all of the room their home has or just want to go from "our home" to "my home".

If you are needing to sell your home let us know how we can help

3.  Expanding the family-  There are several ways that people expand their household size.  This could be the birth or adoption of children or having parents or children move back into the home.

4. Family leaves the home- The children move out and you find yourself as an empty nester.  

5. Retirement- Some people after they retire feel like it is time to start getting rid of many items in the home and move into something smaller and less expensive so they can travel, or can save on expenses.

6. Your first home- This is an exciting experience.  Maybe your moving out of your parent's house or moving from an apartment.  There is nothing better than building your net worth through homeownership.

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No matter what the reason for "Resizing" your Evansville Area Home, make sure you have the McBride Real Estate Group on your side.  We are the Real Estate Team that MOVES YOU! We Service Vanderburgh, Warrick, Gibson, Spencer, and Posey Counties in Indiana.

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